Tip sheet: Writing rules for Uber and Lyft, and a ‘religious liberty’ rally

6:00 am Mar. 3, 2015

Number of working days left until the end of the 2015 session of the General Assembly: 15

The House and Senate will convene at 10 a.m. Most of the morning action is in the House, which is set to debate eight bills, including H.B. 71, which would require greater transparency from the Pardon and Paroles Board. That bill had been scheduled to come up Monday, but lawmakers ran out of

Georgia GOP chief faces racial discrimination complaint

4:22 pm Mar. 2, 2015

The head of the Georgia Republican Party is facing new allegations that he racially discriminated against an employee.

A lawsuit filed in Atlanta’s federal court accuses John Padgett of regularly engaging in “bigoted, racist and sexist

A sudden, state Capitol fight over plastic bags

9:37 am Mar. 2, 2015

The ubiquitous plastic bag used by retailers across the country may be the surprise issue of the 2015 session of the Legislature.

Our AJC colleague Kristina Torres Officials on Tybee and Athens have discussed a local

Tip sheet: Cracking the secrecy around the state Board of Pardons and Paroles

6:00 am Mar. 2, 2015

With just seven working days remaining until the Crossover Day deadline (when most bills must pass the House or Senate to stay alive), lawmakers appear to have reached cruising altitude.

The House calendar has 18 bills, eight of which were carried over from Thursday. The biggest are HB 71, which would require greater transparency from the Pardon and Paroles Board, and HB 233, which would revise civil forfeiture laws.