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Live in the Sixth and want to register for the June 20 runoff? Too late.

2:18 pm Apr. 20, 2017

We told you a week or so ago that the Sixth District voting pool on Tuesday wouldn’t be much different from November.

Tuesday’s balloting was a special election, quickly called. There was no evidence of a Democratic effort to put more, friendlier voters on the rolls – a traditional strategy in both parties.

But it turns out that there won’t be any kind of voter registration drive in preparation for the

Donald Trump tweets a motive for ‘voter fraud’ claim

9:22 am Jan. 25, 2017

This morning, President Donald Trump finally offered a motive for his insistence, contrary to all evidence, that he lost the popular vote in November because of massive voter fraud:

“We will strengthen up voting procedures!” being the key phrase.


Alternative facts are popping up all over the place. A purported Trump administration wish list of infrastructure projects that included the Savannah port’s expansion project is fake, according to Politico.

McClatchy reported Tuesday

Georgia Baptists take a hard line on illegal immigration

10:05 am Nov. 28, 2016

One week after the American electorate endorsed the presidency of Donald Trump and a much tougher approach to illegal immigration, Georgia Baptists gathered in Savannah to add an “amen.”

We’re a tad late in reporting this