Going home

7:00 am May. 30, 2016

My father left high school early for the U.S. Army, six months before Pearl Harbor. Any 17-year-old could see what was coming.

None of the seven Galloway brothers were born in this country. Nonetheless, four would

Top vote-getter in Tuesday’s primary was a Barnes

3:36 pm May. 26, 2016

The top vote-getter in Tuesday’s Georgia primary might be a surprise to some. But it probably shouldn’t be.

Court of Appeals Justice Anne Elizabeth Barnes, pictured at right, received more than 778

,000 votes, the most of any

Your guide to today’s West Virginia primary

7:30 am May. 10, 2016

Who would have guessed a couple months — or even weeks — ago that Republicans would settle on their presidential nominee before the Democrats?

But here we are: West Virginia is voting today and the only

Your guide to today’s Indiana primary

7:00 am May. 3, 2016

The challengers are sure to fight on, and no one will mathematically clinch today, but we could look back on Indiana as the final nail in the coffin for Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders.