For ousted emergency head, one disaster stands out among many

5:15 pm Nov. 25, 2014

The hallways of Charley English’s Atlanta offices are lined with front-page newspaper clips depicting the many disasters he’s quietly handled as head of Georgia’s Emergency Management Agency. But there’s no sign of any ink-stained reminder

The storm that Nathan Deal has to get right

6:00 pm Feb. 12, 2014

If ever there was a winter storm that Gov. Nathan Deal had to get right, the one you’re in right now is it.

Yes, those 12-hour commutes two weeks ago were uncomfortable and even dangerous. And

Georgia Power hot-seat chief: The iceman cometh

3:59 pm Feb. 11, 2014

A two-inch snowstorm paralyzing a metro Atlanta that boasts of its ability to move is one thing.

Epic collisions between ice and Georgia’s white pines are quite another – a meteorological event peculiar to the South,