Debunking a Jason Carter sound bite

4:16 pm Jun. 17, 2014

Last Friday, Jason Carter, the Democratic candidate for governor, addressed the Georgia School Board Association as it held its annual gathering in Savannah.

Someone over at has helpfully provided a 15-second clip from Carter’s 45-minute appearance – which the Georgia Republican party jumped on this afternoon:

In case you wondered what came before and after that unartful edit, we’ve got a meatier sound bite here:

And a transcript of the same

Snowjam puts Nathan Deal on the spot

10:54 am Jan. 29, 2014

Atlanta’s worst snowjam in decades – the most comparable one is the mid-afternoon blizzard of 1982 — presents Gov. Nathan Deal with the worst weather disaster of his administration.

The irony here is about as thick

Gov. Nathan Deal in talks with Grady hospital

11:38 am Jan. 16, 2014

The $20.8 billion budget that Gov. Nathan Deal outlined yesterday isn’t quite complete. And the hole that needs to be filled could involve Georgia’s largest hospital.

Chris Riley, Deal’s chief of staff, told us his boss

Nathan Deal: Increase school spending by $547 million

8:48 am Jan. 15, 2014

Gov. Nathan Deal will announce this morning that he’s ready to boost education spending by $547 million next year – the largest jump in school funding since the beginning of the Great Recession.

Brian Robinson, a