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The local take on Karen Handel’s decision to skip a Sixth District debate

10:02 am May. 10, 2017

As tempting as it might be to leave coverage of the Sixth District congressional race solely to national outlets, or even large-ish organizations like the AJC, this is no time to give up on smaller, neighborhood-oriented news operations.

They do good work – essential work. Tuesday provided a pair of examples.

You know that, during this year’s session of the Legislature, state Rep. Bert Reeves, R-Marietta, floated the first rewrite of

Sally Yates is about to change the subject in Washington

9:50 am May. 8, 2017

Former acting U.S. attorney general Sally Yates, a former federal prosecutor in Atlanta, will testify before U.S. senators this afternoon about warnings she gave to the Trump Administration that contacts with the Russian ambassador by

Churches and the IRS: The Johnson Amendment explained

10:38 am May. 4, 2017

President Donald Trump is expected today to further weaken enforcement of an IRS rule barring churches and tax-exempt groups from endorsing political candidates.

What’s the Johnson Amendment and how did it come to be? Here’s an

Trump readies ‘religious liberty’ order that could reenergize Georgia effort

5:00 am May. 4, 2017

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump plans to sign a long-awaited executive order on ‘religious liberty’ Thursday that could have a ripple effect in Georgia, where conservatives have tried for years to pass similar legislation.

The action would nudge the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service to be more flexible in enforcing a 1954 law that essentially bans churches from endorsing candidates or engaging in other political activity if they want to keep their tax-exempt status.

Trump railed against the policy,

The nationalization of the ‘religious liberty’ fight, Part II

5:00 pm May. 2, 2017

Politico.com reports that the White House is on the verge of revisiting an executive order – tabled in February – that would exempt from anti-discrimination laws those who cite religious reasons as a motivation:

President Donald Trump has invited conservative leaders to the White House on Thursday for what they expect will be the ceremonial signing of a long-awaited—and highly controversial—executive order on religious liberty, according to multiple people familiar

Why Republicans want to lift the ban on pulpit endorsements

9:00 am Feb. 4, 2017

Sixty-three years ago, in the midst of the red scare inspired by Joseph McCarthy, a U.S. senator from Texas was worried.

A tax-exempt, non-profit group called Facts Forum, an anti-communist organization, was spreading its conspiratorial philosophy

MGM says Fox Theatre worries over ‘destination resorts’ are unfounded

9:37 am Feb. 2, 2017

One participant in the state Capitol fight over casinos – er, destination resorts – is a group calling itself the Georgia Arts and Culture Venues Coalition. The heavy hitters within include both the Woodruff Arts Center and the Fox Theatre.

A spokesman for the group says they’re not fer or agin gambling.

But on Monday, Allan Vella, CEO of the Fox, was on GPB Radio’s “Second Thought,” to explain his