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Earmark ban complicates Ga. reps’ efforts to beef up port funding

10:00 am Jul. 9, 2017

WASHINGTON —The letter drafted by Georgia’s lawmakers was, on its face, a routine one: The delegation wanted more federal money for dredging work at Savannah’s harbor. But look a little closer and the semantic gymnastics were apparent.

Congress’ earmark ban prevented the representatives from directly asking the House Appropriations Committee for what they wanted. They instead were left with a more indirect route: calling for their colleagues to increase funding

Ga. politicos clutch wish lists as Trump takes Capitol Hill spotlight

7:00 am Feb. 28, 2017

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s prime-time address to Congress tonight is being watched closely by Georgia leaders looking for more detail on everything from infrastructure to health care.

State lawmakers said they’re eager for Trump during his first speech before a joint session of Congress to fill in the details on many of his sweeping campaign pledges, including overhauling the tax code, replacing Obamacare and injecting $1 trillion into infrastructure projects.

“What I’m

Donald Trump tweets a motive for ‘voter fraud’ claim

9:22 am Jan. 25, 2017

This morning, President Donald Trump finally offered a motive for his insistence, contrary to all evidence, that he lost the popular vote in November because of massive voter fraud:

“We will strengthen up voting procedures!” being the key phrase.


Alternative facts are popping up all over the place. A purported Trump administration wish list of infrastructure projects that included the Savannah port’s expansion project is fake, according to Politico.

McClatchy reported Tuesday

A friendly Atlanta-Savannah rivalry lands in Brazil

12:00 pm Jun. 17, 2015

Sao Paulo – On a Brazilian TV channel playing in a hotel lounge, an American was stammering away. That’s when Savannah’s chief tourism guru sidled over to his Atlanta counterpart, a broad grin giving away