A second effort to corrall Uber in Georgia

9:57 am Feb. 9, 2015

State Rep. Alan Powell, R-Hartwell, chairman of the House public safety committee, has filed legislation that force some serious changes on the way that Uber — the Internet-based, car-for-hire network  – now operates. The key

The ‘hipster tax’ in the House transportation package

9:34 am Jan. 29, 2015

At the federal and state level, lawmakers are often engineers who attempt to mold society through tax policy – discouraging disreputable habits with heavy levies.

Cigarettes and alcohol are often favorite targets. And now, Two points:

The top six political questions in Georgia in 2015

6:00 am Dec. 26, 2014

The past year brought a blizzard of political excitement, from a slate of competitive elections to a drumbeat of intrigue that kept your loyal Insider scribes perpetually busy. And 2015 is poised to be equally interesting.

So before