When Obamacare saves hospitals millions

2:19 pm Mar. 30, 2015

While scoping out the Brunswick News piece on state Rep. Jason Spencer, R-Woodbine, and the fight he’s picked with Catholics, another headline caught my eye.

‘Obamacare saving hospitals millions’ was the header for a look at Southeast Georgia Health System, operator of hospitals in Brunswick and St. Marys.

Here are what we would call the nut paragraphs:

During a 10-month period that ended Feb. 28, uncompensated medical costs shouldered by the

Has religion made a conservative wimp out of Erick Erickson?

9:21 am Dec. 29, 2014

In a hefty profile of Georgia’s own Erick Erickson, The Atlantic wonders whether the talk radio provocateur is mellowing — under this headline: “Is the most powerful conservative in America losing his edge?”

Erickson dismisses criticism