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Republican rival says Jon Ossoff would be Jared Kushner’s puppet because, you know….

4:04 pm Apr. 12, 2017

Every now and then, I thank the late Elie Wiesel for teaching us the hard lesson that oppression and discrimination don’t necessarily bestow virtue, or wisdom, on their victims.

This is one of those times. This week, Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan, a Republican and the only Muslim in the Sixth District congressional race, posted the following on his campaign Facebook page (we’ve made minor corrections in spelling):

Dear Friends:

Some of you said

Steve King, John Lewis, and the American gene pool

9:00 am Mar. 18, 2017

A review of the fundamentals is always worthwhile. For that reason alone, we are all indebted to U.S. Rep. Steve King of Iowa.

Last week, the Republican congressman registered his approval of Geert Wilders, the “Dutch Donald Trump,” and his campaign to be prime minister of the Netherlands on an anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant platform.

“Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies,”

When foreigners ask if it’s safe to visit the United States

9:00 am Mar. 11, 2017

If the Friendship Force were a woman, she would be the empress dowager of Atlanta’s ambitions to become an international city.

The foreign exchange network made its debut 40 years ago, at the height of the Cold War, during a White House ceremony presided over by two of Washington’s newest residents, Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter.

The concept was novel. Rather than stay in hotels, troupes of regular Americans without rank or

GOP Senate leader: Georgia ‘has no business’ restricting what Muslim women wear

3:25 pm Nov. 17, 2016

In an early morning interview today on WGAU (1340AM), state Rep. Jason Spencer, R-Woodbine, said one of the reasons he had “pre-filed” House Bill 3, a measure that would put restrictions on Muslim female garb, was to “test the waters.”

Running it up the flagpole, see who salutes. That sort of thing.

Spencer’s bill would bar applicants from wearing masks or veils while posing for their driver’s license photos – something