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Millenials, beware: Jon Ossoff as a cautionary social media tale

9:28 am Mar. 22, 2017

Jon Ossoff, the 30-year-old Democratic candidate backed by his party’s top leadership in the Sixth District congressional race, is getting some recognition from his alma mater, Georgetown University.

But is recognition of a cautionary nature. The Hoya, the university’s campus newspaper, points to the Republican use of video that features Ossoff’s Han Solo-like antics:

Georgetown students and those familiar with the university’s culture will likely find these videos innocuous —

Steve King, John Lewis, and the American gene pool

9:00 am Mar. 18, 2017

A review of the fundamentals is always worthwhile. For that reason alone, we are all indebted to U.S. Rep. Steve King of Iowa.

Last week, the Republican congressman registered his approval of Geert Wilders, the “Dutch Donald Trump,” and his campaign to be prime minister of the Netherlands on an anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant platform.

“Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies,”

What might happen when Donald Trump meets a Vidalia onion

7:33 pm Feb. 24, 2017

We are close to finding out what happens when President Donald Trump meets a hand-harvested Vidalia onion. Or a blueberry bush. Or a field of carrots.

Six years ago, the Legislature passed House Bill 87, an effort aimed at discouraging illegal immigrants in Georgia.

It did just that. And Georgia farmers quickly saw their crops rot in the fields. A University of Georgia study identified a shortage of 5,244 farm

‘Political Rewind’ replay: A widening net sweeps up illegal immigrants in Georgia

4:12 pm Feb. 15, 2017

Today’s edition of GPB’s “Political Rewind” focused on the Trump administration’s apparently stepped-up efforts to round up illegal immigrants – widened for the first time to include “collateral” immigrants swept up in an action.

If you missed it live this afternoon, you can listen to it here now:

Today’s line-up: Host Bill Nigut; Greg Bluestein, one of your AJC Insiders; Republican immigration lawyer Charles Kuck; Rashid Naim of the Islamic Speakers

Donald Trump, immigration and the end of American exceptionalism

9:00 am Feb. 11, 2017

At the risk of being rude, we need to revisit the big loss that millions witnessed on Fox last Sunday.

No, not the Atlanta Falcons. Their time will come. Eventually. Maybe. I speak of the loss of American exceptionalism — that sense, deeply rooted in Republican thought, that this nation is great because it is good.

A victim of the pre-Super Bowl hoopla, this concept vanished during the televised conversation