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‘Political Rewind’ replay: A widening net sweeps up illegal immigrants in Georgia

4:12 pm Feb. 15, 2017

Today’s edition of GPB’s “Political Rewind” focused on the Trump administration’s apparently stepped-up efforts to round up illegal immigrants – widened for the first time to include “collateral” immigrants swept up in an action.

If you missed it live this afternoon, you can listen to it here now:

Today’s line-up: Host Bill Nigut; Greg Bluestein, one of your AJC Insiders; Republican immigration lawyer Charles Kuck; Rashid Naim of the Islamic Speakers

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Donald Trump, immigration and the end of American exceptionalism

9:00 am Feb. 11, 2017

At the risk of being rude, we need to revisit the big loss that millions witnessed on Fox last Sunday.

No, not the Atlanta Falcons. Their time will come. Eventually. Maybe. I speak of the loss of American exceptionalism — that sense, deeply rooted in Republican thought, that this nation is great because it is good.

A victim of the pre-Super Bowl hoopla, this concept vanished during the televised conversation

U.S. Sen. David Perdue in 2014. John Spink, jspink@ajc.com

New David Perdue bill would end 22-year-old immigration lottery

7:00 am Feb. 7, 2017

WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga.,  would abolish a federal green card program originally created to bolster diversity under an immigration plan he plans to unveil later this morning.

The freshman Republican would like to do away with a special lottery system started more than two decades ago that annually selects 50,000 people from countries with traditionally lower immigration rates to permanently live in the United States.

Eliminating the State Department’s Diversity

President Donald Trump speaks during a news conference. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

What to expect from Donald Trump on his first day in office

1:34 pm Jan. 19, 2017

WASHINGTON – Tomorrow will be mainly about pomp and ceremony as Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, but there will also be pockets of policy and personnel action on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Trump on the campaign trail made many sweeping promises about the actions he would take on his first day as president.

He won’t be able to stop illegal immigration on his own

Atlanta protestors demonstrated this month against Georgia Board of Regents policies that bar immigrants without legal status from attending five of the state’s top schools and paying in-state tuition rates at its others.  Bob Andres, bandres@ajc.com

Georgia Baptists take a hard line on illegal immigration

10:05 am Nov. 28, 2016

One week after the American electorate endorsed the presidency of Donald Trump and a much tougher approach to illegal immigration, Georgia Baptists gathered in Savannah to add an “amen.”

We’re a tad late in reporting this