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‘Political Rewind’ replay: Donald Trump strikes at the heart of Obamacare

6:06 pm Oct. 13, 2017

Today’s edition of GPB’s “Political Rewind” necessarily focuses on President Donald Trump’s decision to put Congress on a path that could have the U.S. walking away from its nuclear deal with Iran.

But in pure political terms, it could be his decision to halt $7 billion in payments to “pet insurance companies” that may resonate with voters. The subsidies have allowed insurance companies to sell cheaper health care coverage to

‘Political Rewind’ replay: Movement on guns? Eh, not so much

6:42 pm Oct. 6, 2017

Today’s edition of GPB’s “Political Rewind” continued to digest last weekend’s inhumanity in Las Vegas, and the political reactions to one man’s ability to mow down scores of people with legally altered rifles that mimic automatic weapons.

The National Rifle Association indicated it would be willing to talk about banning “bump stocks” that allow a semi-automatic to fire up to nine rounds per second. The panel noted that the NRA

‘Political Rewind’ replay: The Atlanta mayor’s race, and the two Staceys ‘conversation’

5:44 pm Oct. 4, 2017

Today’s edition of GPB’s “Political Rewind” began with an Atlanta mayor’s race which, despite a fresh poll showing Mary Norwood still in the lead, remains amorphous.

But the real discussion began with a review of the first Democratic forum between gubernatorial candidates Stacey Evans and Stacey Abrams. Heavy on the soundbites. If you couldn’t catch it live click below to listen now:

Today’s panelists: Host Bill Nigut; Greg Bluestein, one of

‘Political Rewind’ replay: The Las Vegas aftermath, and Tom Price’ fall

4:47 pm Oct. 2, 2017

Today’s edition of GPB’s “Political Rewind” of necessity began with the scores of dead and hundreds wounded in Las Vegas mass murder that stunned the nation.

Beyond that, we dissected the resignation of Tom Price as President Donald Trump’s secretary of health and human services. One thing you might not have known: Price’s poor relationship with Gov. Nathan Deal at one point is one reason the Sixth District congressional contest

‘Political Rewind’ replay: Tom Price’s high-altitude woes grow

4:41 pm Sep. 27, 2017

Today’s edition of GPB’s “Political Rewind” opens on President Donald Trump’s expression of unhappiness with his health and human services secretary’s penchant for private planes.

Another failed Senate Republican effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act also required the presence of Andy Miller of Georgia Health News. And there was Roy Moore’s victory in Alabama to chew over, too.

If you couldn’t catch it live, click below to listen now:

Today’s panelists:

‘Political Rewind’ replay: John Barrow, Tom Price and eventually, anthem-kneeling

4:42 pm Sep. 25, 2017

On today’s edition of GPB’s “Political Rewind,” we reach immediate consensus on former Democratic congressman John Barrow’s decision to attempt a statewide run for secretary of state next year.

It makes political sense: It’s an open seat, the Republican field could be a volatile one, and as long as the Russian hacking story lives, electoral security will be a major issue in 2018.

But there was a cruel streak loose in

‘Political Rewind’ replay: John McCain says no, and Sarah Palin’s back

5:54 pm Sep. 22, 2017

Today’s edition of GPB’s “Political Rewind” began with breaking, AP style news:

Sen. John McCain declared his opposition Friday to the GOP’s last-ditch effort to repeal and replace “Obamacare,” dealing a likely death blow to the legislation and, perhaps, to the Republican Party’s years of vows to kill the program. It was the second time in three months the 81-year-old McCain emerged as the destroyer of his party’s signature promise

‘Political Rewind’ replay: Two mayors and another health care debate

3:48 pm Sep. 20, 2017

Today’s edition of GPB’s “Political Rewind” featured two Georgia mayors – a Republican from Sandy Springs and a Democrat from Columbus. Among the topics:

— The decision by the State Election Board to hand several voter fraud cases involving the New Georgia Project, once headed up by state lawmaker Stacey Abrams, now a Democratic candidate for governor. Consensus: Abrams dodges a bullet.

— President Donald Trump at the United Nations.

— and

‘Political Rewind’ replay: A last ditch Senate fight over health care

5:12 pm Sep. 18, 2017

Today’s edition of GPB’s “Political Rewind” had a health care focus: On U.S. Sen. Bernie Sander’s push for a single-payer system, bringing 15 Democratic senators with him, and on a last GOP attempt to destroy Obamacare with 51 Republican votes.

The expiration date on the latter is Sept. 30.

State Sen. Nan Orrock, D-Atlanta, and Republican strategist Brian Robinson went toe-to-toe on the issue. If you couldn’t catch it live, click