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Amid red-state success, the Georgia GOP struggles with its checkbook

7:30 pm Mar. 15, 2017

In 2015, as Republicans gathered to decide whether to re-elect state party chairman John Padgett, the Georgia GOP’s treasurer of 20 years announced he was quitting his post – and that he would support Padgett’s challenger.

In a note addressed to delegates, Bob Mayzes spoke of favored consultants who had been overcompensated, and “legal fees paid by (Georgia GOP) to address a legal matter unique to the Padgett administration.”

DeKalb County attorney

As Donald Trump’s reign begins, Henry County offers GOP an alternative path

6:59 pm Dec. 28, 2016

In a few short days, Donald Trump will take the reins of government in Washington. Back here in Georgia, in Henry County, a similar responsibility – much smaller, but still important – will be taken up by June Wood.

This is a tale of two Republicans and two possible futures for the GOP, in Georgia and elsewhere.

Trump was a first-time candidate who has successfully parlayed his real estate experience into a