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A sudden, state Capitol fight over plastic bags

9:37 am Mar. 2, 2015

The ubiquitous plastic bag used by retailers across the country may be the surprise issue of the 2015 session of the Legislature.

Our AJC colleague Kristina Torres Officials on Tybee and Athens have discussed a local

Brian Kemp: Guns and run-off ballots won’t mix

10:15 am Jul. 14, 2014

 Over the weekend, the New York Times had a piece on the dispute in Alabama, where the state’s sheriffs association had urged the state’s 67 counties to ban the open carry of weapons at polling

Look for the party label? Good luck with that

12:52 pm May. 12, 2014

During the taping of the Atlanta Press Club debate of Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate, to be aired statewide on Georgia Public Broadcasting at 7 p.m. this evening, rivals criticized Michelle Nunn for allegedly ducking their party’s brand.

From the Associated Press:

[O] of her opponents, ROTC instructor Todd Anthony Robinson, of Columbus, noted Nunn’s ads don’t mention she’s a Democrat and asked her whether she supports President Barack Obama.

“I think it’s

In Cherokee County, proof that the truth isn’t everything you imagine it to be

5:58 pm Apr. 30, 2014

Over the past few years, Cherokee County has been a breeding ground for a style of politics that rewards the intensity of one’s beliefs, even in the face of actual facts on the ground.

If you believe passionately enough, and loudly enough, this line of thinking goes, then truth can be ignored as a mere inconvenience. Purity of heart and the higher cause trump all.

It is a philosophy that will be