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What Johnny Isakson said about Charlottesville

11:11 am Aug. 17, 2017

We’re a little bit slow in doing so, but allow us to point you to this sound clip of remarks that U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson made to the Georgia Chamber on Tuesday, courtesy of the GPB Macon bureau:


Isakson began by citing that Ben Franklin quote in which the founding father says that we have a republic – if we can keep it. And then, said the senator:

“There are times

Nathan Deal calls for ‘clean’ adoption bill: “We should have had a clear, straight path’

7:15 pm Mar. 30, 2017

Clearly, one of the hurdles that stand between the Legislature and sine die this evening is a rewrite of Georgia adoption law that stalled after the Senate attached “religious liberty” language that would offer legal protection to child placement agencies who don’t, among other things, want to deal with gay parents.

Late last night, the House abandoned its original HB 159 and placed its contents into a new vehicle, SB

A sudden, state Capitol fight over plastic bags

9:37 am Mar. 2, 2015

The ubiquitous plastic bag used by retailers across the country may be the surprise issue of the 2015 session of the Legislature.

Our AJC colleague Kristina Torres Officials on Tybee and Athens have discussed a local

Brian Kemp: Guns and run-off ballots won’t mix

10:15 am Jul. 14, 2014

 Over the weekend, the New York Times had a piece on the dispute in Alabama, where the state’s sheriffs association had urged the state’s 67 counties to ban the open carry of weapons at polling

Look for the party label? Good luck with that

12:52 pm May. 12, 2014

During the taping of the Atlanta Press Club debate of Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate, to be aired statewide on Georgia Public Broadcasting at 7 p.m. this evening, rivals criticized Michelle Nunn for allegedly ducking their party’s brand.

From the Associated Press:

[O] of her opponents, ROTC instructor Todd Anthony Robinson, of Columbus, noted Nunn’s ads don’t mention she’s a Democrat and asked her whether she supports President Barack Obama.

“I think it’s