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5:16 pm Sep. 17, 2014

More details to come, but this is the lede from the AJC’s Kristina Torres, just back from an emergency meeting of the state elections board:

Investigators backed away Wednesday from allegations a Democratic-backed group may have organized voter registration fraud, saying they can confirm 25 applications of more than 85,000 submitted to the Georgia Secretary of State’s office.

Chief investigator Chris Harvey, however, said the office needed more information from the

Liberal group Better Georgia slapped with ethics complaint

2:37 pm Jul. 7, 2014

Better Georgia, the left-of-center start-up group, faces an ethics complaint claiming the organization improperly engaged in direct campaign activity that needles — as it often does — Gov. Nathan Deal.

James Burnham of St. Marys said in a complaint filed this month that an email he received from the group in May —  slamming Deal — amounted to political conduct that doesn’t comport with its tax status.

He said Better Georgia,

Into the weeds: Exploring the edges of Georgia’s new gun law

5:28 pm Jul. 2, 2014

We are 72 hours into Georgia’s new concealed-carry law, and questions that were once theoretical are sprouting like weeds.

All of us have a steep learning curve in front of us, including the firearms enthusiast in Valdosta who wasn’t sure that the fellow in front of him at the local convenience store was, in fact, a good guy with a holstered gun.

The enthusiast drew his own weapon and demanded the other’s

Nathan Deal reinforces call for cultural change at DFACS

2:46 pm Jun. 13, 2014

Gov. Nathan Deal and his wife Sandra addressed employees of the newly-overhauled state Division of Family and Children Services this morning, and our colleague Craig Schneider noted that the governor took a personal tone during his 10-minute address to staffers.

Deal told the workers he hoped the switch he announced yesterday would end up making their lives easier and let them know they are supported in their decisions, reinforcing