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Never mind Trump Jr. Keep an eye on health care and South Georgia

6:00 pm Jul. 12, 2017

You’re forgiven if you think all of America is obsessed with the Trumps and their bewildering matryoshka doll, which always seems to have one more Russian surprise nesting inside.

Cable TV can do that to you.

Just so long as you know that the real news in Washington on Thursday will be the unveiling of a second Senate Republican attempt to do away with the Affordable Care Act and replace it with

The local take on Karen Handel’s decision to skip a Sixth District debate

10:02 am May. 10, 2017

As tempting as it might be to leave coverage of the Sixth District congressional race solely to national outlets, or even large-ish organizations like the AJC, this is no time to give up on smaller, neighborhood-oriented news operations.

They do good work – essential work. Tuesday provided a pair of examples.

You know that, during this year’s session of the Legislature, state Rep. Bert Reeves, R-Marietta, floated the first rewrite of