The video: What Bryant Wright said about ‘erotic liberty’ vs. ‘religious liberty’

12:12 pm Jan. 16, 2015

We got a Democratic call on Thursday about a vast conspiracy in the Republican-controlled House, which posts an online video of each day’s proceedings for public consumption.

Monday’s video was there, the caller said, and so was Tuesday’s. And the one from that Thursday morning. But Wednesday was missing. That happens to have been the day that the Rev. Bryant Wright, pastor of Johnson Ferry Baptist church and a former president

Public stadium fever spreads to Savannah

9:11 am Jan. 2, 2015

Stadium fever has spread from metro Atlanta to Georgia’s coast, though this case doesn’t appear as severe as recent outbreaks in Cobb County and downtown Atlanta.

Crumbling concrete forced county officials to block off sections

Has religion made a conservative wimp out of Erick Erickson?

9:21 am Dec. 29, 2014

In a hefty profile of Georgia’s own Erick Erickson, The Atlantic wonders whether the talk radio provocateur is mellowing — under this headline: “Is the most powerful conservative in America losing his edge?”

Erickson dismisses criticism

Delta joins push to end Florida’s gay marriage ban

10:24 am Dec. 23, 2014

Atlanta’s Delta Air Lines is not shying away from a political fight.

Chief executive Richard Anderson turned heads when he urged corporate leaders toNow the company is among about two dozen major national firms who signed