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Georgia 2018: Evidence that Lynn Westmoreland might not be running for governor

4:59 pm Apr. 18, 2017

If you want evidence that former Georgia GOP congressman Lynn Westmoreland may be passing on a run for governor, look no further than today’s edition of The Hill, a (mostly) online newspaper geared toward a D.C. audience.

In what may be his public debut as a non-public man, Westmoreland has written an op-ed piece in opposition to the federal Restoration of America’s Wire Act, a measure that would slap

The one gaming bill with traction in the state Capitol

9:00 am Mar. 4, 2017

Most of us think that the power of a law lies in its commands — in the “shall” and “shall not.” But just as often, the true authority is hidden in a statute’s definitions.

Within the words that say what is, and what is not.

Last Monday, Republicans in the state Senate abandoned their effort to bring the roulette wheel and high-stakes crap table into Georgia. A House attempt on Friday was