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Emory annexation would expand Atlanta, but not the city’s school district

6:10 pm Aug. 9, 2017

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Despite the current drought of hard facts on the matter, it is likely that the most important addition to the city of Atlanta’s boundaries in three generations will be approved around Labor Day, as planned.

City attorneys will then shift to the

Unfinished business: State GOP leaders take up resolutions on ‘religious liberty,’ gaming

9:15 am Aug. 3, 2017

Over at our subscription site, we have an item on some leftover business from the state GOP convention in Augusta two months ago:

Among the raft of resolutions up for debate at Saturday’s meeting of the Georgia GOP state committee is a particularly juicy one: It would urge gubernatorial candidates to pledge they would support a state version of the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act if elected.

There are

Emory University’s annexation request: No fist-pumps allowed

6:00 pm Jun. 28, 2017

The 2013 decision by the Atlanta Braves to take their business elsewhere was an economy-changing event that sparked open celebration on the Cobb County side of the Chattahoochee River.

At the risk of using an out-of-season metaphor, one might even say they spiked the football.

By contrast, the announcement of Emory University’s petition to become part of the city of Atlanta, a move with far greater potential to change the face of

Millenials, beware: Jon Ossoff as a cautionary social media tale

9:28 am Mar. 22, 2017

Jon Ossoff, the 30-year-old Democratic candidate backed by his party’s top leadership in the Sixth District congressional race, is getting some recognition from his alma mater, Georgetown University.

But is recognition of a cautionary nature. The Hoya, the university’s campus newspaper, points to the Republican use of video that features Ossoff’s Han Solo-like antics:

Georgetown students and those familiar with the university’s culture will likely find these videos innocuous —

Then the post-Super Bowl trash talk got serious, and Jason Carter replied

10:00 am Feb. 6, 2017

Amid all the trash talk that followed the Atlanta Falcons’ heartbreaking loss in the Super Bowl, one Twitter comment stood out. It came from Richard Spencer, the white nationalist leader who advocates an “ethno-nation” – and has been given a platform from which to speak by Breitbart.com.

Whose top dog, Steve Bannon, is now President Donald Trump’s chief White House strategist. From Spencer:

Five minutes later, the former state senator Jason Carter

Emory expert: Trump administration is ‘flirting’ with Holocaust denial

3:32 pm Jan. 31, 2017

Consider Emory University historian Deborah Lipstadt something of an expert on the topic of the Holocaust and those who would deny that it happened.

Back in 1996, she was sued by David Irving in a British court for characterizing some his work and public statements as an outright denial that the Final Solution ever happened.

She won. A movie about her encounter with Irving, “Denial,” came out last year.

Lipstadt now has

A presidential campaign that turned on what we refused to see

9:00 am Nov. 12, 2016

Some people devote themselves to model airplanes. Others prefer model trains. Alan Abramowitz builds election models — formulas that use data, economic and otherwise, to predict the outcomes of presidential political contests.

In August, the Emory