The Georgians on Donald Trump’s Cabinet wish-list

9:28 am Jul. 26, 2016

A Donald Trump administration could have a few Georgians in high places.

As Republican delegates met in Cleveland last week, several members of Trump’s campaign met with high-ranking Republicans to start hashing out who would serve

For Johnny Isakson, reinforcements may soon be on the way

12:00 pm Jul. 25, 2016

It was no surprise that powerful business boosters backed Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson’s reelection bid on Monday. The subtext, though, was that they’re willing to pump big money into a relatively sleepy campaign.

Georgia was long

On the passing of Jim Barksdale’s mother

3:28 pm Jun. 22, 2016

If you haven’t heard too much lately from Jim Barksdale, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, there’s a reason. His campaign announced today that the candidate’s 94-year-old mother died 10 days ago. Do the math,