David Perdue starts Senate career as No. 96 of 100

9:53 am Dec. 18, 2014

No. 96.

That’s where Republican David Perdue will begin his U.S. Senate seniority climb. The Washington Post’s Reid Wilson Previous service in the U.S. House, or as governor, cabinet secretary or vice president counts towards one’s

Why Democrats and transit will be relevant in 2015

5:44 pm Dec. 10, 2014

Two years ago, the concept of expanding fixed rail to move more commuters through metro Atlanta was declared dead – staked through the heart by the defeat a sales tax referendum.

One month ago, Democrats in

A first TV ad in Casey Cagle’s bid for a third term

5:09 pm Sep. 29, 2014

Republican incumbent Casey Cagle is out with his first TV ad this afternoon in his bid for a third term as lieutenant governor:

Cagle’s topic is education – an emphasis that Democrat Jason Carter has been exploring in his bid for governor. But note that Cagle pairs himself and his dialogue with Katy Arrowood, CEO of the Athens Community Career Academy.

Cagle may be running against an underfunded Democrat Connie Stokes, but

Michelle Nunn goes Pillowtex on David Perdue

9:28 am Aug. 19, 2014

Two days before their first joint U.S. Senate appearance — none dare call it a debate — Democrat Michelle Nunn has raised the topic of Republican David Perdue’s tenure at Pillowtex.

The Nunn campaign has filled