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What clues does Montana’s special election hold for Georgia’s 6th District?

1:30 pm May. 24, 2017

HELENA, Mont. – The Treasure State may lie some 2,000 miles away from the northern Atlanta suburbs, but the politics in this sparsely-populated slice of the Rockies may hold some major clues for how Georgians could vote in the June 20 runoff for health Secretary Tom Price’s House seat.

Much like the race in Georgia’s 6th congressional district, Thursday’s special election here to replace Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke in Congress is

Karen Handel raises more than $1 million a week into Georgia 6th runoff

2:09 pm Apr. 24, 2017

Democrat Jon Ossoff may have raised an eye-popping sum of money in the lead-up to last week’s 6th District special election, but Karen Handel responded with an impressive haul less than a week into the runoff.

The Republican’s campaign said Monday afternoon it raised more than $1 million since she advanced into the runoff.

“We expected a surge of donations since Tuesday’s special election, but we never expected this kind of momentum,”

Ga.’s congressional Republicans circle the wagons around Karen Handel

8:31 am Apr. 21, 2017

WASHINGTON — Georgia’s House Republicans are looking to project a united front in order to keep the 6th District seat of their onetime colleague, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, in GOP hands.

All nine Georgia GOP congressmen say they’re supporting former Secretary of State Karen Handel in the lead-up to the June 20 runoff against Democrat Jon Ossoff.

In a joint statement, the group said Handel has a “track record of serving

Outside groups plan to pour even more resources into Georgia’s 6th District

7:00 am Apr. 20, 2017

WASHINGTON — Many of the outside groups that collectively poured nearly $8 million into the first round of Georgia’s 6th District special election said they plan to ramp up their operations now that the contest is stretching into nine weeks of overtime.

In other words, 6th District residents seeking a respite from the non-stop political ads are unlikely to find it over the next 60 days as groups outside of the two

Dems project confidence about keeping fire alive in Ga.’s 6th District

11:00 am Apr. 19, 2017

Democrats couldn’t avoid a runoff in Georgia’s 6th District special election Tuesday evening, but they came remarkably close for a congressional seat that tends to favor Republicans. Now the most important question becomes whether the party can harness the anti-Trump fervor that propelled Jon Ossoff to the top of the polls into an upset victory on June 20, when it faces a Republican political machine that’s uniting behind Karen Handel.

Democrats sought to project confidence in a

Donald Trump could change what it means to be a Sixth District conservative

9:39 am Apr. 10, 2017

So far, the storyline of the Sixth District congressional race has focused on Jon Ossoff, and whether the young first-time candidate can consolidate his Democratic vote, tap the anti-Trump angst of  GOP women and independents, and win the north metro Atlanta contest outright on April 18.

But there’s a subplot that hasn’t been fully explored, in part because it’s still taking shape. And that is how a President Donald Trump has

Rolling updates: Special election candidates rake in the dough in Georgia’s 6th District

3:32 pm Apr. 6, 2017

WASHINGTON – This month’s wide-open race to replace Tom Price in Georgia’s 6th congressional district has become one of the most closely-watched in the nation, with outside groups pouring millions into advertising and on-the-ground efforts as the White House looks on.

Now the seat’s 18 contenders are beginning to give us a peek into how well they’ve been able to leverage their support into dollars, all too critical for Atlanta’s expensive media