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A county-by-county look at what the GOP’s health plan would mean for Ga.

8:00 am Mar. 10, 2017

WASHINGTON — The breakneck pace of the current health care debate is enough to make anyone’s head spin, even if you’re well-versed in all things health policy. But if there’s one thing worth looking at as Congress continues to vet the GOP’s American Health Care Act and hurl talking points across the cable news, it’s this info on what the plan could mean for each county in Georgia:

Map: Changes to tax credits in

Reducing the sting of close encounters between Georgia drivers and cops

5:47 pm Mar. 8, 2017

Before we begin this discussion, let us agree on one point: Running a stop sign is wrong, even dangerous. The correct procedure is to come to a stop and count off two Mississippi’s. Only then do you continue life’s journey.

Everyone on board?

That said, state Rep. Ed Setzler, R-Acworth, may be on the verge of becoming a hero to commuters and kid-haulers throughout metro Atlanta and beyond.

Setzler is the

Housing prices could help explain Hillary Clinton’s victories in Cobb, Gwinnett

1:03 pm Dec. 29, 2016

Over at the Washington Post’s Wonkblog, Max Ehrenfreund has a unique explanation for why Republican counties like Cobb and Gwinnett, which went for Mitt Romney in 2012, were won by Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Voters there had largely recovered from the Great Recession and its housing bubble burst. A paragraph:

Obama–Trump counties were no different from the other counties that Trump won, at least in terms of typical housing prices. Romney–Clinton