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The GOP debate over a minimum wage for cops and deputies

10:01 am Jul. 22, 2017

According to a study based on census data, recently highlighted by the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute, some 3,200 members of this state’s law enforcement community — bailiffs, prison guards, jailers, beat cops and deputy sheriffs — are food stamp recipients.

“That’s probably correct,” said Terry Norris, executive director of the Georgia Sheriff’s Association.

But it is only a rough estimate. By the end of this fall, before the Legislature gathers,

Brian Kemp: ‘Baseless’ media attacks fuel election security doubts

12:00 pm Jul. 3, 2017

Never mind those pesky Russians, says Secretary of State Brian Kemp. The real problem is the obsession of the mainstream media (and maybe a congressional committee or two) with tales of Moscow’s attempts to influence our elections. From his op-ed piece in USA Today:

Misinformation from the media or disgruntled partisans not only fuels conspiracy theorists but also erodes the first safeguard we have in our elections — the public’s

Live in the Sixth and want to register for the June 20 runoff? Too late.

2:18 pm Apr. 20, 2017

We told you a week or so ago that the Sixth District voting pool on Tuesday wouldn’t be much different from November.

Tuesday’s balloting was a special election, quickly called. There was no evidence of a Democratic effort to put more, friendlier voters on the rolls – a traditional strategy in both parties.

But it turns out that there won’t be any kind of voter registration drive in preparation for the

Georgia 2018: Brian Kemp enters race for governor

7:00 am Mar. 31, 2017

Secretary of State Brian Kemp entered the 2018 race for Georgia governor on Friday, declaring he is the conservative Republican who won’t “make empty promises or play political games in the State Capitol.”

Kemp becomes the