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Update: NRA blasts Nathan Deal’s ‘campus carry’ concerns

12:01 pm Mar. 15, 2016

Update 4:37 p.m.: The National Rifle Association  has weighed in with some harsh words for Gov. Nathan Deal. In an e-mailed statement, the powerful gun-rights lobbying group said:

“Governor Deal’s newfound concerns about this critical campus safety

Tip Sheet: Moving kids to college faster, putting solar power in reach

6:00 am Feb. 3, 2015

By the end of this day, lawmakers will have made it through a quarter of the allotted 40 days for this winter session of the General Assembly.

The House and Senate will each convene at 10 a.m. The Senate will have a floor vote on Senate Bill 2, – the “move on when ready” bill allowing some high-schoolers to earn college credit.

The House has no bills on its calendar, but

A glimmer of opportunity in a challenging jobs report

10:00 am Dec. 10, 2014

An aging workforce is preparing to retire and there are not enough skilled workers in Georgia to replenish it. A dearth of computer programmers and engineers is forcing firms to search out-of-state for staffers. And

Storm warnings on the right for Johnny Isakson

10:10 am Nov. 13, 2014

U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson is planting his re-election flag on Monday, as no obvious challenger has presented him or herself.

Some forces on the right would like one.

The Club For Growth, a well-funded Washington group that

Did Georgia accidentally pass a campus-carry law?

10:03 am May. 29, 2014

A Georgia gun group is contending that, whether he intended it or not, a set of bills signed by Gov. Nathan Deal this spring will permit the legal carrying of concealed weaponry on public university