Jimmy Carter tries his hand at fixing Syria

9:11 am Oct. 26, 2015

Very few people on the world stage can say they knew Bashar al-Assad, the president of beleaguered Syria, when he was a frat boy in college. But it’s one of the benefits of being in

Georgia GOP’s gun rights celebration goes up in smoke

9:58 am Oct. 22, 2015

Back in June, the Georgia Republican party announced big plans for a “Second Amendment celebration” There was to be a “Great Gun Give-Away” where qualified residents could enter to win a wide array of firearms at random.

What Paul Ryan wants in order to run for speaker

8:54 pm Oct. 20, 2015

WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan told his House Republican colleagues tonight that he will be their speaker — but only on his terms.

The Wisconsinite had been the subject of intense speculation for the past 12 days since

House leaves town with no way forward on a speaker

3:01 pm Oct. 9, 2015

WASHINGTON — Like many professionals these days, U.S. Rep. Doug Collins is tethered to his job by technology. And the Gainesville Republican will be burning up smartphone batteries from Georgia next week as the House