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Georgia 2018: Hunter Hill sets a $1M bar in gov race

6:00 am Jun. 29, 2017

Republican Hunter Hill said Thursday he’s raised more than $1 million in the race for Georgia governor, a day ahead of a reporting deadline that will be an early test for gubernatorial candidates.

The state senator

Georgia 6th: Republicans circle the wagons around Karen Handel

8:58 pm Jun. 19, 2017

Some of the top elected Republicans in Georgia on Monday evening had a message to relay just 12 hours before the polls opened in the 6th Congressional District: it’s all hands on deck for Karen Handel.

Top officials from the state Republican Party, the congressional delegation, local government and the state house huddled at Houck’s Grille in Roswell for a final get-out-the-vote rally before Tuesday’s special election to replace Tom Price.

Top billing

Ossoff sticks to the script during final hours of campaign

2:30 pm Jun. 19, 2017

The eyes of the nation may be closely watching Georgia’s 6th District right now, but Democrat Jon Ossoff insists that fact isn’t high on his mind with less than 36 hours until polls close.

Instead, the 3o-year-old political newcomer said he’s focused on what the locals are looking for in this three-county stretch of the north Atlanta suburbs that will decide his fate tomorrow in the special election to replace health

Updated: Trump urges 6th District voters to back Karen Handel

8:53 am Jun. 19, 2017

President Donald Trump made a last-ditch appeal to Georgia’s 6th District voters Monday, tweeting at two different points in the day that that they should back Republican Karen Handel during tomorrow’s special election in order to block Democrats’ tax, health care and border security agenda.

“The Dems want to stop tax cuts, good health care and Border Security. Their ObamaCare is dead with 100% increases in P’s,” Trump tweeted shortly before 8:30 a.m.,

6th District race prompts many locals to get involved for first time 

8:00 am Jun. 19, 2017

Tuesday’s special election to replace Tom Price in Atlanta’s affluent northern suburbs has generated an unprecedented amount of voter enthusiasm, money and attention, locally and beyond. People who have never before been civically active or participated in political campaigns have cut checks, joined social media groups and even volunteered their time to help shape what many see as a uniquely important race with national implications.

For some voters, including

Putting Jon Ossoff’s record fundraising haul into perspective

2:15 pm Jun. 8, 2017

It’s hard to overstate just how massive Democrat Jon Ossoff’s $23 million fundraising haul is in Georgia’s 6th District special election.

A little context can help.

For starters, Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel are running to be 1/435th (of the House) of one-half (of Congress) of one-third of the federal government (the legislative branch). Realistically speaking, whoever is elected on June 20 will be a back-bencher as a freshman member of

Livable wages, health care lectures: The most striking 6th District debate moments

6:00 am Jun. 7, 2017

There were plenty of telling exchanges Tuesday during the 6th District’s first and only live televised debate between Republican Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff.

There were the “how dare you” moments focused on preexisting conditions, as well as Handel’s infamous dealings with Planned Parenthood as vice president of public policy at the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

And then there were the press release moments: the ones that both campaigns will seize on