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The GOP prevented an upset in Montana. What does that mean for Georgia-6?

6:00 am May. 26, 2017

BOZEMAN, Mont. – Republicans in Atlanta’s northern suburbs can sleep a little bit easier tonight after GOP candidate Greg Gianforte pulled off a solid win here Thursday evening.

After weeks of hand-wringing and a surreal final 36 hours, Gianforte convincingly bested Democrat Rob Quist, a Bernie Sanders-style populist, for Montana’s at-large congressional seat, even with a Libertarian candidate in the race.

Thursday’s results in this nationally-watched contest poke holes in Democrats’ argument that an

A familiar punching bag emerges in Montana, Georgia races: Nancy Pelosi

3:14 pm May. 25, 2017

MISSOULA, Mont. – The north Atlanta suburbs that comprise Georgia’s 6th congressional district lie some 2,000 miles from this funky college town nestled between snow-capped Rocky peaks. But turn on the television in both and the same polarizing figure appears again and again, and no, it isn’t the president.

Nancy Pelosi, the California Democrat and first female speaker of the House, is being invoked over and over again as a political

Montanans facing same onslaught as Georgia’s 6th District voters

12:00 pm May. 25, 2017

HELENA, Mont. — If there’s anyone who can empathize with the voters of Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, who have been blitzed by a flurry of political canvassers, robo-calls and attack ads for the better part of three months, it’s the people of Montana.

Their statewide congressional race has become the subject of the same national intrigue that’s shaped the special election in the north Atlanta suburbs to replace Health and

What clues does Montana’s special election hold for Georgia’s 6th District?

1:30 pm May. 24, 2017

HELENA, Mont. – The Treasure State may lie some 2,000 miles away from the northern Atlanta suburbs, but the politics in this sparsely-populated slice of the Rockies may hold some major clues for how Georgians could vote in the June 20 runoff for health Secretary Tom Price’s House seat.

Much like the race in Georgia’s 6th congressional district, Thursday’s special election here to replace Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke in Congress is