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Your tip sheet: Rural Georgia represent, y’all

7:30 am Mar. 10, 2017

Days remaining in the 2017 legislative session: 10

It’s another getaway day in the General Assembly and both chambers start earlier than normal: The Senate convenes at 9 a.m.; the House at 9:30.

Neither has much heavy lifting on the floor, although the House will consider — and easily pass — House Resolution 389, which creates the Rural Development Council. While it’s sponsored by Rep. Sam Watson, R-Moultrie, it is

Your tip sheet: Firefighter cancer bill up in the Senate

7:30 am Mar. 9, 2017

Days remaining in the 2017 legislative session: 11

The House and Senate return from two days of committee meetings for its 30th day of the 40-day session. The House’s calendar is light, but the Senate will take up legislation offering firefighters special insurance policies to cover treatment of certain cancers tied to their work.

House Bill 146, sponsored by state Rep. Micah Gravley, R-Douglasville, and backed by 

Your tip sheet: A Crossover Day hangover and a tax break for yacht owners

7:30 am Mar. 6, 2017

Days remaining in the session: 12

We may have had the weekend to recover, but most of us are likely to still have a Crossover Day hangover heading into the final four weeks of this year’s legislative session.

The Senate is in at 10 a.m., the House at 1 p.m., although after a marathon session last Friday the House has no voting calendar today.

The Senate will consider three relatively minor bills:

Your tip sheet: Guns, pipelines and a big Delta tax break. Welcome to Crossover Day!

7:30 am Mar. 3, 2017

Days remaining in the session: 13

The frenzy known as Crossover Day has finally arrived at the Georgia Legislature, with both the House and Senate set to start at 10 a.m. Among high-profile proposals on the bubble: allowing guns on the state’s college campuses, new limits on petroleum pipelines and a $30 million tax credit for Delta Air Lines.

The Senate has at least 32 bills that could see floor debate, including Senate

Your tip sheet: The frenzy before Crossover Day

7:30 am Mar. 1, 2017

Days remaining in the session: 14

It’s Crossover-eve in the General Assembly and the House and Senate both have lengthy agendas.

The House has packed its floor calendar with major bills, including:

House Bill 51, which creates new rules for colleges to handle allegations of sexual assault on campus. Supporters say it gives due process to students accused of rape and other crimes while critics worry it makes accusers less likely

Your tip sheet: Senate to Georgia Lottery: Pay up

7:30 am Feb. 28, 2017

Days remaining in the session: 15

Both the House and Senate are rushing toward Friday’s key Crossover Day deadline. The Senate has eight bills on its agenda; the House has 15. Most are uncontroversial or fairly innocuous. Then there’s Senate Bill 5.

Majority Leader Bill Cowsert‘s bill would mandate the Georgia Lottery transfer a specific percentage of its revenue to the state every year for educational programs. Current law simply gives

Your tip sheet: Medical marijuana, casinos, guns on campus — oh my

7:30 am Feb. 27, 2017

The House and Senate are in at 10 a.m., although the bills on the floor are really only the appetizer for work being done in committee later today.

The Senate will consider four bills including Senate Bill 121, which would codifies an emergency rule by Gov. Nathan Deal expanding access to an anti-opioid overdose drug called naloxone and let pharmacists dispense the drug over the counter.

At 1 p.m. in room

Your tip sheet: Back the badge

7:30 am Feb. 24, 2017

Days remaining in the 2017 Legislative session: 17

It’s a week away from Crossover Day (not that anyone’s counting), with both chambers beginning to open the floodgates to move their bills through the pipeline.

The Senate is in at 9 a.m. Rules Chairman Jeff Mullis, R-Chickamauga, has unofficially declared it “law enforcement day” in the chamber, and five of seven bills on the calendar deal with public safety issues.

That includes Senate bills