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Your tip sheet: The end is near!

7:30 am Mar. 28, 2017

Days remaining in the 2017 legislative session: 2

How much work can lawmakers pack into two days? We’re about to find out as the House and Senate convene for Day 39 today at 10 a.m. Day 40, blessed Sine Die, is Thursday.

Both chambers have a number of key bills on the floor for Day 39, including medical marijuana (Senate Bill 16), and tax credit bills for rural business development (SB 133)

Your tip sheet: Baby (robot) you can drive my car

7:30 am Mar. 24, 2017

Days remaining in the 2017 legislative session: 3

It’s day 38! You can almost smell Sine Die, scheduled for Thursday. It smells like … desperation, panic and a little bit of anger.

Both chambers are in at 10 a.m. The Senate has put 28 bills on its floor calendar, although there’s no guarantee it will get through all of them (although it does portend the chamber working into the evening).

The biggest is

Your tip sheet: Rockets, fantasy sports and guns on campus

7:30 am Mar. 16, 2017

Days remaining in the 2017 legislative session: 6

It’s another get-away day in the Georgia Legislature as the House and Senate convene at 10 a.m. for their final session of the week.

The House has seven fairly minor measures on the floor and a relatively light committee schedule for the afternoon.

The Senate, meanwhile, is counting down six bills from the floor, including House Bill 1, a bill seeking to clear

Your tip sheet: Save! Earn! Win!

7:30 am Mar. 14, 2017

Days left in the 2017 legislative session: 8

The House and Senate both return to action today at 10 a.m. While the Senate has begun to pick up the pace on bills on the floor, the House has just a pair of minor matters.

Much more action is happening in committee.

The House Energy, Utilities and Telecommunications Committee has Senate Bill 191, Sen. Rick Jeffares’ bill rewriting the rules of how

House, Senate renew annual post-Crossover Day bickering

10:00 am Mar. 13, 2017

It’s a legislative tradition unlike any other.  Every year in the Georgia General Assembly, as soon as Crossover Day passes, the House and the Senate engage in a choreographed effort to define the other chamber as a bunch of layabouts.

Take last week. Lawmakers met for three days and accomplished very little. Each chamber passed a handful of mostly minor bills. House leaders took notice that, although the Senate insisted it needed

Your tip sheet: Beer Monday

7:30 am Mar. 13, 2017

Days remaining in the 2017 legislative session: 9

The General Assembly has entered the final turn and is limping, ever so slowly toward the finish line. The House and Senate convene for Day 32 at 10 a.m.. Only one bill is in the House calendar, but it’s a popular one: Senate Bill 85 would allow craft beer and liquor manufacturers to sell directly to consumers.

While the vote is important, it