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Republicans hold Senate, House in red wave

2:16 am Nov. 9, 2016

The U.S. Senate and House will remain under GOP control for another two years, as a red tide swept the country Tuesday night to preserve a gaggle of endangered incumbents. Missouri’s Roy Blunt was the clincher with his narrow win. From the Class of 2010, Pennsylvania’s Pat Toomey and Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson held on against many predictions. North Carolina’s Richard Burr and Florida’s Marco Rubio were other crucial incumbent triumphs.

The news was

Democratic convention roundup day 4: Baited

5:00 am Jul. 29, 2016

She embraced the wonkiness, acknowledging that she is not an orator like her husband or the current Oval Office holder, but Hillary Clinton can fight. After Katy Perry delivered a ‘Roar,’ Clinton spoke over intermittent protests to deliver

Democratic convention roundup day 3: Contrast

5:00 am Jul. 28, 2016

Philadelphia’s Wednesday night was all about taking down Donald Trump. Joe Biden delivered a sotto voce appeal to reason; Michael Bloomberg tried to show he was a better billionaire; Tim Kaine pulled out an impression that won’t get him any SNL

Democratic convention day 2 roundup: His story

5:00 am Jul. 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton, finally and officially, became the first female major party presidential nominee in American history by acclamation of none other than Bernie Sanders — but that could not quiet many in his legions, who continued

GOP convention roundup day 4: ‘I alone’

5:00 am Jul. 22, 2016

A big rhetorical moment for gays, a star is born in Ivanka and the yugest acceptance speech of all time. The GOP convention wrapped up without the hiccups of the first three days but with