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Consumed by Obamacare repeal, Congress lets several beloved health programs expire

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Pediatric RN Shareem Wrease examines Trevor Rozier, 4, of Eastman, at Dodge County Hospital in Eastman, Georgia on September 21, 2017. This hospital benefits from several federal funding programs for hospitals that are rural, or treat the poor, or treat working class kids -- all of which are slated to see cuts or expire Sept. 30 if they're not renewed. (Rebecca Breyer)

In Washington this past week, lawmakers abandoned another all-out attempt to repeal Obamacare and then headed home to take stock.

Meanwhile in Georgia, a clinic network funded by regular federal grants halted replacement of badly needed dental chairs and stopped work on a planned contract to recruit a pediatrician.

A Houston County couple watched their health insurance crumble. The Georgia commissioner of community health drew up contingency plans.

All of that is happening here now because Congress — absorbed over the past few months in undoing the Affordable Care Act — has not approved funding for other long-standing, bipartisan health care programs that affect millions of patients and faced Sept. 30 expiration or crucial deadlines.

Those dates passed this past week.

The patients, insurers and caregivers affected are now seeing the consequences….

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