Casey Cagle on rural broadband — and a stalled adoption bill

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When a candidate for high office invites a reporter for a chat, a transaction is often involved.

The politician wants a particular message placed before the public. The journalist has his own topics to pursue. It’s not always the case, but in an ideal situation, both agendas are fulfilled and both parties walk away mostly satisfied.

This was the case on Thursday, in the Spaghetti Junction headquarters of Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, a GOP candidate for governor.

Cagle wanted to talk about expanding broadband in rural Georgia. I wanted to talk about an adoption law overhaul that had stalled in his Senate earlier this year over “religious liberty” issues related to same-sex marriage.

The two topics have more in common than you might think. And both fall under the rubric of the 2018 session of the Legislature, set to begin in four months or so.

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