One month later, Jon Ossoff has harsh words for Donald Trump

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Sixth District congressional candidate Jon Ossoff with his fiancé Alisha Kramer on election night. AJC/Jason Getz

We have not heard much from Jon Ossoff since last month, when the results in the Sixth District contest put an end to that noisy campaign.

But last week, the Democrat attended a Georgia Voice fete to pick up a “best politician” award, bestowed by the newspaper’s LGBT audience.

As noted at the Project Q website, Ossoff kind of implied that me might not be done with politics:

“The LGBT community will be able to count on me as an ally every day – whether as a candidate for office or as a private citizen,” Ossoff told a crowd of hundreds in a ballroom at the Georgian Terrace.

What’s more, Ossoff finally cast some shade in the direction of President Donald Trump – something he avoided during most of the Sixth District campaign. Again, from Project Q:

 “In one of history’s great democracies, a patriotic country that was born of resistance to foreign interference, a weak and dishonest man has cheapened the presidency and compromised the United States. And he has compromised the United States in the eyes of our allies and adversaries alike,” Ossoff said.

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