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A Sixth District epitaph: Democrats had a turnout problem – GOP didn’t

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A campaign van for Jon Ossoff passes by a sandwich shop in Dunwoody last week, minutes after Karen Handel greeted supporters there. Both are candidates in the Sixth District runoff election. BOB ANDRES /BANDRES@AJC.COM

The precinct-by-precinct results in the recent Sixth District contest are out, and a Republican number-crunching friend has turned up some interesting tidbits that boil down to this:

Democrat Jon Ossoff had a turnout problem on and before June 20. Republican Karen Handel didn’t. Some examples:

— The Pleasantdale Road precinct at the Gwinnett border is the only majority-black precinct in the DeKalb County part of the District. Ossoff won 82 percent in the precinct, but turnout (among active registered voters) was just 34 percent — well below the 57 percent average for DeKalb.

— Precincts 15A and 15B are apartment-heavy enclaves along Roswell Road in Sandy Springs. Ossoff got 84 percent in 15A and 66 percent in 15B. But turnout was just 30 percent in 15A and 44 percent in 15B. Turnout overall in the Fulton County portion of the Sixth was 57 percent.

— The Austin precinct in the northwest corner of DeKalb County, bordering Fulton, gave Handel 59 percent of its vote. It also had a presidential year turnout of 74 percent.

— The Mount Vernon East precinct is in Dunwoody. Handel won 60 percent of votes cast, with turnout at 71 percent.

— Also worth noting: Turnout was heaviest (61 percent) in the Cobb portion of the Sixth, which is the most Republican part of the three-county congressional district.

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