Can 6th District voters ‘love’ each other after vote? You tell us.

Supporters of Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel at a Dunwoody Food Truck event a week before the runoff. AJC/Greg Bluestein

It seemed a rhetorical question: “Will we still love one another after the polls close?” asked this week’s headline in the Dunwoody Crier.

But a tweet of the newspaper’s query yielded a surprising number of stories from supporters of both Karen Handel and Jon Ossoff concerned that vitriol from the bitter 6th District special election would continue.

There were tales of neighbors insulting neighbors, rude exchanges at hardware stores and, of course, stolen signs. There were also stories of quiet compassion and respect from residents on both sides of the political divide who put aside their differences.

The Insider’s bosses were intrigued. So now we invite you to share your story in the form below.

Have you had any run-ins over the 6th District race? Are you worried any bitterness will continue now that the vote is over, or is it all in the past?

We would love to hear from you, and ask only that you provide your name, email, hometown and story in the form below:


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