Ossoff on Handel Twitter flub: ‘Sometimes social media can be dangerous’

Democrat Jon Ossoff. Ajc/ Bob Andres

Look before you tweet. This is the lesson that Steve Handel, husband of Sixth District congressional candidate Karen Handel, just learned the hard way. From CNN:

The husband of Republican congressional candidate Karen Handel shared an image on his Twitter timeline Tuesday that urged voters to support his wife in order to “free the black slaves from the Democratic plantation.”

“Like many of us, he (Steve) made a mistake and retweeted something he didn’t pay a lot of attention to, thinking it was just an absentee vote message. It clearly was not appropriate and has been deleted,” a campaign spokesperson said.

Democrat Jon Ossoff on Wednesday declined to make hay out of it, saying that he largely avoids Twitter.

“Sometimes, social media can be dangerous,” he said.

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