Your tip sheet: House takes up firefighter’s bill

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Dawson County Emergency Services Deputy Chief Operations Tim Satterfield is pictured at a fire station in Dawsonville, Ga. Satterfield, who is dealing with a pancreatic cancer diagnosis has had to pay many treatment bills himself and supports the Firefighter Insurance Bill (HB 146) which would require local governments to provide insurance to firefighters including coverage for a list of cancers. John Amis/AJC

Days remaining in the 2017 Legislative session: 28

Lawmakers are back after a long Super Bowl (sigh) weekend. Both chambers will start at 10 a.m. On the House calendar: House Bill 14, which would require sheriffs to deposit fees they collect into the county’s general fund; HB 88, which would force judges to resign if they are disbarred or suspended from practicing law; and HB 146, which would provide for additional insurance for firefighters who get cancer as a result of their job. The Senate will take up Senate Bill 4, which would create a statewide mental health treatment task force and SB 14 , which would create a new tax credit or businesses that give to rural hospitals.



Committee action is picking up. Afternoon meetings include a House Ways & Means subcommittee meeting on HB 204, which aims to force e-commerce sites to collect sales taxes.

Here’s the full committee schedule, helpfully annotated with agenda highlights and bill info.

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