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Georgia Democrats eye longshot redistricting bid

State Sen. Elena Parent and state Rep. Pat Gardner. AJC file.

State Sen. Elena Parent and state Rep. Pat Gardner. AJC photo.

It is the longest of long shots: A pair of Georgia Democrats said Tuesday they plan to introduce legislation that would overhaul the way legislative districts are drawn by taking it away from the Legislature and giving it to an independent commission.

State Sen. Elena Parent and state Rep. Pat Gardner acknowledged at a press conference Tuesday it was virtually impossible to secure its passage in the GOP-held Legislature.

But they also sent two other important signals. First, they haven’t closed the door on legal action that could force changes in the way districts are drawn, such as the lawsuits in North Carolina and Virginia that could force sweeping changes.

And second, they also wanted to serve notice to their fellow Democrats that they will press for the bill if their party ever regained control of the legislative branch.

“This is not about partisan advantage,” said Gardner. “We have members of the Democratic caucus who won’t sign the bill, and Republicans who are appalled by it.”

Insider’s note: This item was ripped from the Morning Jolt. 

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