With 6 days to go, Gary Johnson makes first campaign visit to Georgia

Libertarian Gary Johnson. AJC photo.

Libertarian Gary Johnson. AJC photo.

The last time a Democratic presidential candidate won Georgia it was because a third-party candidate pulled double-digit support. And the last time a Republican U.S. Senate incumbent was forced into a runoff it was because of a stronger-than-expected Libertarian challenge.

Third-party candidates hope for another solid showing in Georgia, seeking to capitalize on skepticism and mistrust toward Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Libertarian Gary Johnson, who swung through Atlanta on Wednesday, said in an interview that he was the only “principled” candidate on the ballot.

“From the day that she takes office, it will be impeachment proceedings. There will be the drumbeat of impeachment from the first day,” Johnson said of Clinton. “And if Trump is inaugurated, he’ll be in court over child rape.”

Johnson, making his first campaign stop in Georgia, was referring to the FBI’s ongoing probe of emails that could be linked to Clinton’s private server and federal lawsuits filed by a woman who claimed the GOP nominee raped her two decades ago when she was 13. Trump has flatly denied the allegations, and his attorney has called them “completely frivolous.”

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