MSNBC show focuses on KKK newspapers dropped on north Georgia lawns

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Three members of a Georgia KKK chapter salute along the portion of highway they want to adopt near Blairsville in June 2012. AJC Photo/Curtis Compton.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow devoted a segment of her show to white supremacist groups backing Republican Donald Trump. And she focused in particular on a copy of the KKK newspaper, called the Crusader, that was deposited on a front lawn in Cartersville.

A tipster sent her producers a copy of the newspaper, which dubs itself the “political voice of white Christian America.”

Here’s a snippet from the show:

You see the picture there? That inset picture in that article is actually a still from a Saturday Night Live skit about seemingly normal Americans talking about how much they like Donald Trump and then slowly they reveal themselves to be like ironing their sheets because they are Klan members. Well, that was a Saturday Night Live skit a couple months ago. This is the Klan newspaper and they are basically, “Oh yeah, that skit kind of nailed it.” Look at the caption on that still from Saturday Night Live.Saturday Night Live produced a mock campaign ad, voters for Trump, in which average Americans explained why they were Trump supporters. Then viewers learned the supporters were affiliated with organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan. “In truth, many do share the same concerns.” The Klan is like, “congratulations, Saturday Night Live you nailed it.” According to the Klan, you got us exactly right.

The Donald Trump endorsement version, edition, of the Klan newspaper, this has been turning up on front lawns in the great state of Georgia. This one, we just got a scan of. We obtained this tonight after it was picked up off a front lawn in Cartersville, Georgia, which is northwest of Atlanta. We think that we’re actually going to get a physical copy of the Klan paper that’s being distributed in Georgia over the next day or two. Right now this is just the scan. I’ll let you know when we get the original…

A source sent a copy our way. Here’s what the front page looked like:



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