Buzz Brockway + beach ball + Pokemon = internet gold

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It’s not every day you see an elected official hit in the head with a beach ball.

But state Rep. Buzz Brockway is not every elected official. The Lawrenceville Republican has one of the best, and driest, sense of humors in the House of Representatives.

So it’s no surprise then that he has released a television ad entitled “Together.” Watch here:



To get it, you have to also get Pokemon Go. If you don’t get Pokemon Go, it would take too long to explain here. (But go here for the full explanation.) Suffice to say it’s an app-based game that involves hunting for virtual creatures.

One of those creatures is called Electabuzz. Electabuzz, Elect Buzz. Get it? Brockway did. In fact, he told us he had to get hit in the head about 10 times to get it right for the ad, which will run on Comcast cable in District 102 and, of course, live on on the internet forever.

Brockway uses the similarities with the virtual Electabuzz to make the point that “together, we can make politics work for everyone.”

Brockway faces small business owner Karen Ridgeway, a Democrat, in November.

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