Nathan Deal on Trump’s remarks: ‘I’ve had my mind on Matthew and not on Donald’

Gov. Nathan Deal and Donald Trump

Gov. Nathan Deal and Donald Trump

Don’t expect Gov. Nathan Deal to soon go the route of some other Southern governors who said they can no longer vote for Donald Trump after the bombshell video that rocked his campaign.

Our AJC colleague Scott Trubey caught up with the governor in Savannah, where he gave an update on the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, which killed four people in Georgia when it swept up the state’s coast.

“My chief of staff said it was disgusting and it’s certainly something that I do not condone,” he said, referring to Chris Riley’s tweet that it was “vile.” “But quite frankly, I’ve had my mind on Matthew and not on Donald.”

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley and Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam joined the ranks of Republicans who said they could not support their party’s nominee after the release on Friday of a 2005 recording of Trump bragging about sexually harassing women.

Deal and other Georgia Republican leaders have slammed Trump for the remarks, but none have withdrawn their support for the candidate.

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