Casey Cagle unleashes a new book on education

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle in his state Capitol office. Bob Andres,

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle in his state Capitol office. Bob Andres,

“Education Unleashed.”

That’s not the code-name for a mass invasion of teachers. It’s the title of a 160-page book authored by Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle that’s out next week.

The summary promises it will be about “reforming our schools and rethinking the premise behind how we set and measure goals for student achievement.” And it’s yet another sign that the Gainesville Republican is readying a campaign for governor.

From the synopsis on Amazon:

Seeking to remove the obstacles that impede student achievement, while eliminating any justification for complacency in our schools, Cagle explains a thoughtful vision for the future of public education, turning the status quo on its head in favor of leading individual systems, schools, teachers, students, and communities to educational excellence–today and for future generations.

The LG mentioned the book at a panel back in March, but we haven’t heard much about it since. But one other aspect that caught our eye was a certain celebrity endorser:

“Usher’s New Look recognized Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle as our 2015 ‘Igniter of Education,’” read the review from Usher Raymond. “Presenting him with this honor was a way for me and UNL to express our sincere appreciation for the work he does daily. We look forward to continuing our work together as we challenge and empower our youth to become global influencers of tomorrow.”

Insider’s note: This post was ripped from the Morning Jolt, which you can find here.

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