A Labor Day lesson for forgotten Georgia candidates

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. AP file.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. AP file.

Politicians see Labor Day as the unofficial start of the election season, but no presidential race in recent history has made that idea seem so quaint.

In Georgia, as in other states, the presidential contest has held voters spellbound for more than a year, leaving most down-ballot candidates wondering whether anybody will pay attention to them as they stump for votes. And with good reason.

Trump vs. Clinton has simply sucked all the political oxygen out of the room this campaign season.

“I’m not paying attention down-ballot at all,” said Jacki Frye, an east Cobb resident who works for a beer distributor. Partisans will keep one lesson in mind.

“The most important piece for our candidates is to focus on the issues that are local,” said House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams, leading the party’s efforts to target Republican House seats.

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