Casey Cagle on Donald Trump: ‘There’s still time’

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle in his state Capitol office. Bob Andres,

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle in his state Capitol office. Bob Andres,

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle was in the studio with Tim Bryant and Jennifer Pointer on WGAU (1340AM) in Athens on Friday when the topic of Donald Trump’s struggles came up.

The Republican, a likely candidate for governor in two years, said his party’s presidential nominee has a messaging problem. But he was also emphatic when asked whether he stood by Trump. His reply:

“I can tell you, I’m not going to vote for Hillary Clinton. I think that we win on ideas and whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, you still win on ideas. And right now Donald Trump needs to be focused on the economy. … Donald Trump needs to be talking about those issues as opposed to other things that are distracting…

“I wouldn’t say that this was his best moment, but there’s still time. It has to be centered around issues, around ideas and a future for where our country is going to go. If you look at some of the great leaders throughout history – John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan – they had greater visions for our country that really transcended politics.”

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The lieutenant governor also mounted a defense of Gov. Nathan Deal’s school takeover plan, which voters will weigh on November’s ballot — arguing that state government doesn’t have the wherewithal to go on hiring and firing binges.

WGAU’s Tim Bryant noted that he has yet to hear a superintendent or teacher favor the Opportunity School District, which would let the state take control of perennially failing schools.

“Oftentimes, change is difficult. It’s hard to create those paradigm shifts. But it’s a tool in the toolbox to ensure we have better results,” Cagle said, adding: “I envision the way this comes about – it’s not a real takeover in the sense where you come in and fire everybody and say we’re coming in and bringing all of our teachers and infrastructure to take this over. That’s not practical.”

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