Some Bernie Sanders pushback at a Georgia delegation meeting

Erica Hernandez,

Erica Hernandez,

PHILADELPHIA — At the close of this morning’s meeting of the Georgia delegation to the Democratic National Convention, state party chair DuBose Porter turned the microphone over to Khalid Kamau, a bus driver turned activist who was one of the leaders of this state’s contingent of Sanders supporters.

You can tell from this video clip, shot by the AJC’s Erica Hernandez, that many in the room – a large majority of the delegates were won by Hillary Clinton – were unmoved. That’s Porter in the coat-and-tie at the far left:

Much of what the Sanders leader said repeated what he told us last night. But specifically, Kamau chastised the Georgia delegation for cheering when Sanders was in the act of urging his supporters to cross over to Clinton. Said Kamau:

“I experienced that as gloating and violent. And several other people did as well. And that’s why they walked out. And I know that wasn’t anybody’s intention. I truly believe that in the rush to get what you wanted, you didn’t stop to think how it felt to this marginalized, minority people. And so I just wanted to say that that hurt…”

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