A former prosecutor, Chris Christie brings the case against Hillary Clinton

Chris Christie. Brant Sanderlin, bsanderlin@ajc.com

Chris Christie. Brant Sanderlin, bsanderlin@ajc.com

Cleveland – The Republican National Convention was the courtroom and its delegates were the jurors. And New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a former federal prosecutor, relished his role as Hillary Clinton’s mock prosecutor.

Rather than focus his speech on Donald Trump, the Republican used his primetime speech to excoriate Clinton’s record as Barack Obama’s secretary of state. He slammed her record in north Africa, her involvement in a nuclear arms deal with Iran, her role in the buildup of the Islamic State.

After each case, he asked the delegates: “Is she guilty or not guilty?”

“Guilty,” the crowd bellowed.

Interrupted several times by chants of “lock her up,” he begged the delegates to quiet down.

“All right, all right – we’re getting there.”

As he built to a crescendo, he offered the packed convention this red meat:

“Time after time after time, the facts and just the facts, lead you to the same verdict at abroad and at home.”

Answered the delegates: “Guilty.”


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