Karl Rove on tonight’s RNC debut: ‘It’s not so much the line-up as it is the execution’

Republican strategist Karl Rove (left) and someone who's only slightly less bald. Kevin Riley, kriley@ajc.com

Republican strategist Karl Rove (left) and someone who’s only slightly less bald. Kevin Riley, kriley@ajc.com

CLEVELAND – The most interesting people at stroll by at a political convention. This morning it was Karl Rove, the man behind President George W. Bush and – until recently – a dedicated foe of Donald J. Trump as a Republican presidential candidate. They supposedly made peace earlier this summer.

So I asked Rove, who’s had a hand in several conventions, what he thought of tonight’s line-up for the evening debut of the Republican National Convention. The line-up is eclectic and unusual – two Marines who were in Libya, activists in the anti-illegal immigration movement, and a sheriff from Wisconsin. The highlight will be a speech by Melania Trump, wife of the Republican presumptive.

Rove was more than kind in his evaluation:

“It’s not so much the line-up as it is the execution, and we won’t know until we know. Every convention, to some degree, is a high-wire act – because you don’t know how people are going to perform.

“In 1988, Democrats said, ‘We’ve got that smart governor of Arkansas who’s a centrist. He’ll give a helluva speech.’”

For the uninitiated, the speech by Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton broke all records – for length. “In conclusion” was one of the speech’s most popular phrases. But we’ll let Rove continue:

“Tonight – I thought it was interesting that the wife was going to speak on the first night. I think that’s a smart recognition that people really do need to get to know him a little better. Some of the best testimonials could come from family members.

“The most powerful voices tonight – and we don’t know how they’re going to perform – Pat Smith, Mark Geist and John Teigen (who were at Benghazi) and Karen Vaughn (mother of a Navy Seal who died in action). I’ve seen her Navy Seal Foundation thing. It strikes me that she could be a powerful presence.”


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