Notes from a Georgia GOP delegate on the plot to block Donald Trump

Donald Trump peers into the crowd at the Fox Theatre on Wednesday afternoon at a rally in downtown Atlanta. Emily Jenkins,

Donald Trump peers into the crowd at the Fox Theatre at a rally in downtown Atlanta. Emily Jenkins,

The rowdy band of Never Trump forces in Georgia is gaining new energy amid growing concerns about Donald Trump’s fundraising, poll numbers and campaign tactics. And Trump and his Republican National Committee allies are trying to crack down on the renegades.

A Georgia delegate to next month’s convention who is a Trump supporter was among the dozens of delegates on a conference call late Sunday night orchestrated by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz allies and other anti-Trump folks.

The delegate sent over a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the plans:

  1. This is a national campaign and they are using the former Super PACs of Republican Candidates such as the Courageous Conservative (a Ted Cruz booster), and the remainders of the campaigns for Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Ohio Gov. John Kasich. They are using their own influence and money that they raised during the campaign to fund this “free the delegates” movement.
  2. They announced that their top goal is avoiding Trump’s full attention before they are able to gain steam. 
  3. One of their representatives has filed a class action lawsuit against a Virginia law that requires delegates to vote for the primary winner at the convention or face a misdemeanor penalty.
  4. They are disorganized to say the least.

It would take a monumental collapse for Trump to lose his lock on the party’s nomination. The Never Trump movement has no leader, no funding and little organization. And the Never Trump crowd watched with dismay as much of the state’s GOP has united, if reluctantly, behind the billionaire.

But they still see an opening. Here’s more on how they plan to block Trump’s coronation.

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